Thursday Fun Club

Bonfire Edition

September 17th, 2020 - 6pm

Chez Ross St. Jame

How long have you been out there, persevering, fighting through enemies and obstacles both in and ex ternal, the visible, as well as the intangible. You know, those things that can't be tan-ged. Then, gradually, or perhaps suddenly, you hear it. Or you feel it? The comforting, expanding aura, unmistakable. It's a bonfire. And surrounding it are your friends, your lovers, and your allies. You've managed to return to the glowing coals and glowing faces, feeling slightly more hollow than before, but your mind and spirit intact. You remember that you're you, you're loved, and that you want to keep pushing forward. Even in a broken and grey world, long past the slightest whiff of salvation. I'm glad you're still here.

So come, join us in our jolly co-operation! Fill your flask, restore your humanity, and attune yourself to the ever-changing embers. If we stick together... WHEN we stick together, there's nothing we can't endure.

Thursday Fun Club

September Edition

September 3rd, 2020 - 8pm


I'm gonna be honest, I'm not having a ton of fun updating this website lately. The world changes so much every day, and yet I feel stuck in time. I could preach to the choir about BLM or face coverings or fuck the police, but it would be just that. It was more fun when y'all would come over and there would be a theme, and all the dynamism that would entail. We'll get back to that place, someday.

For those reasons I am once again asking for your contributions to this website, just in case. A personal story, a poem, a rant, a love letter, whatever you'd like. I'll keep the e-fires burning either way, but do let me know if you'd like to share.

Thursday Fun Club

Alexx & Niq Roll Out the Red Carpet -
Or (Have a) ton (of fun) Park (your butt and
cooler, and join in the) Fe(a)st (of Friendship)

August 27th, 2020 - 6pm

Chez Ross St. Jame

Picnic in Niq and Alexx' back yard in honor of Orton Park Fest! This one's a homerun!

It's almost fall, guys! How much longer can we all hold oooooooonnnnnnnnnnn?

This week in Fun Club History *RETURNING SOON MAYBE*

Thursday Fun Club

Winnie's Surprise Party

August 20th, 2020 - 6pm

Reynolds Park

Don't tell Winnie, and make sure she doesn't see this website. Come party with us by a grocery store, and don't forget your vodka pouch!

My brain's as foggy as Queen Elizabeth's pea soup during the St. Foggerston's day parade, held each year just outside of Cloudsbottom, near Dullerton. I'll come back and clean all this up later.

This week in Fun Club History *RETURNING SOON*

No Thursday Fun Club

Peach's Healing Surgery

August 13th, 2020

As we speak Peach rests in a cage inside a dimly lit facility just outside of Verona, an Elizabethan collar around her neck. She went under the knife today (Wednesday) and it was a complete success! The house is extremely quiet without her. Too quiet. But not too quiet in that cool movie way. It's too quiet in a sad movie way. But in 8 short/long weeks she'll be all better and her leg won't come out anymore!

So this is the first official No Thursday Fun Club in the COVID era. Or you could all picnic or whatever without us! Will it be the same? Are we some special, integral catalyst? Only one way to find out!

This week in Fun Club History *I'm too tired rn*

Thursday Fun Club

Golliwog's Cakewalk II AKA Gallophile's Picnic

August 6th, 2020 - 6pm

La Kitchenette / Yahara Place Park

August. The queen of months again. It really doesn't seem like a year ago that I wrote my opus on this auburn hued stack of weeks, but X doesn't feel like Y anymore anyway. For once the summer speeding by is a boon. But we're doing it! We're making it through, alive, healthy-ish, and together.

In other news, it's time once again for a picnic at Yahara Place Park, brought to you by the kindly and be-bereted folks over at La Kitchenette (The Kitchen). They're doing some sort of soba noodle takeaway thing, and while it doesn't sound very French, it does sound very vegan. They have lots of other tasty choices as well, so order your thing and bring it on down to the water on Thursday. Until then, we'll see you there, and... au revoir.

This week in Fun Club History

  • Sorbet Party - August 8th, 2019

Thursday Fun Club

Thursday Fun Club Edition

July 30th, 2020 - 8pm


Thursday Fun Club is a fellowship and weekly gamenight established by Paul Berberich in March of 2018, following a weekday-agnostic pilot program earlier that year. Its chief functions involve cultivating a community of various individuals who come together in the spirit of friendship, play, compassion, and rascallyness.

While enduring the COVID-19 pandemic TFC transitioned to an online or outdoor only concern, and comes together using the Zoom online videochatting service. Though their bodies remain distant, their hearts are re-melded each week.

This week in Fun Club History

  • Dog Days Edition - August 1st, 2019

Friday Fun Club

Butt Holding-on-to Edition

July 24th, 2020 - 8pm

The Bodgery

When's the last time you saw a MOVIE out in PUBLIC with STRANGERS? I think mine was that Star Wars with the Sith wayfinder and old Lando. Not great.

You know what is great, though? Jurassic goddamn Park! Drive over to The Bodgery and join us for a night of dino-delight!

This week in Fun Club History

  • Summer Interlude Edition - July 25th, 2019

Thursday Fun Club

Stale Cupcakes

July 16th, 2020 - 8pm


My tummy hurts this week.

This week in Fun Club History

  • Queen's Edition - July 19th, 2018
  • Arctic Chill Party - July 18th, 2019

Friday Fun Club

A Fete of One's Own
A Fete by any Other Name
Faux de Marqaux

July 10th, 2020 - 7pm

Chez Ross-St. Jame

Last year we were sweating in a techno-tent. This year we couldn't even get Bent. Shore up a little of that cosmic injustice tonight, at a very special Friday Fun Club.

I'm ever grateful that we all get to navigate this nightmare together, so c'mon over to the Chez and wiggle around like you just don't care. Even though we all care a great deal (about each other, not about looking foolish*)!

This week in Fun Club History

  • Get That Fete - July 11th, 2019

*ok, I still care a little but I'm working on it

Thursday Fun Club

"Yahara's a River, Harry."

July 2nd, 2020 - 6pm

Yahara Place Park

No more of this 'No Thursday Fun Club' business. We've been picnicking and zooming our cares away all summer long, so it's well past the time for our site to reflect this new normal. Long live ThuFuClu, and long live the ThuFuCru!

Assuming the weather holds up, we should head to Yahara Place Park, there's shade and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy each other's company. Let's go at 6. Who's with me?

This week in Fun Club History

  • Fourth of July Edition - July 4th, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

Summer Blues Edition

June 25th, 2020

I don't actually have the blues, really. I'm just out of ideas. Does anybody want to guest author this week's post?

Also, I've been thinking about starting to open up to a small circle of people, vis a vis hanging out, going into homes, ect. None of us have gotten the virus (as far as I can tell), meaning that we could have been hanging out with little to no risk. Which is not necessarily an appropriate or wise sentiment, but it's probably true. But then the rest of the country had to blow it by not wearing masks or social distancing and now cases are surging again and I'm (rightfully) concerned once more. So I won't be doing this anytime soon, but maybe think about what it will actually look like when we're able to lower our guards again.

This week in Fun Club History

  • Winnie Edition - June 28th, 2018
  • Home Fun Fun Club - June 27th, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

Thursday Pride Club

June 18th, 2020

As a mostly straight cis dude it is my pleasure and privilege to have so many friendships with people in the LGBTQ+ community. How boring it would be for me to look around the room and see a bunch of other me's, with their red Fred Durst hats tightly clamped upon head and soul patches gleaming, while we listen to Foo Fighters* and watch The Bachelorette, stuffing our faces with Jr. Bacon Chee, talking about fighter jets. I'm so glad to know you all, and I love you.

Otherwise, all I can think about is the protests and the virus, both of which seem to be winning. I think we're all pretty much doing our part, but this website was recommended to me as a good resource. It seems to be updated frequently with new info on how to help and stay informed. Real change is being made! Don't lose hope, and don't stop paying attention!

This week in Fun Club History

  • The Improv Retreat Debrief - June 19th, 2018
  • Summer's Eve - June 20th, 2019

*Foo Fighter's are ok FWIW

No Thursday Fun Club

Annual Membership Survey Results

June 11th, 2020

The results are in, and they may shock you if you are an easily shocked person! Let's dive in, shall we?

Just remember, it was all in fun! And it was mandatory.

In this first graph you'll notice that, while there is a lack of romantic love, blind ecstacy captured almost half of the votes, tied with that friendly old platonic love. The sole dissenting voice belongs to my little brother, but I'm pretty sure his B+ is just the covid-19 talking.

Up next is our long term membership forecast, and I'm pleased to say that almost 3/4 of you are lifers. Personally, I'd call it a win if we are able to carve out several more decades on this virulent hate-filled rock.

Speaks for itself, mostly bliss over here.

Next, here are your thoughts for improving the Fun Club:

  • maybe more kittens? lol!
  • Actually being able to do it in person. (I miss everyone!)
  • Eradicate COVID
  • Right now? Not much! I look forward to seeing all y'all in person again someday.
  • More diverse programming
  • Sing-a-longs

It was a very close race, but it looks like the next Name Day will be my own. "But Paul," you cry, "Isn't every Fun Club a Paul Day?" Not like this... Not like this... Don't worry though, you all have months and months to memorize the Fun Club Anthem and bone up on your improv games. Johanna has kindly agreed to make that post, when the time comes.

We may now lay this contentious issue to rest. Long live Johanna's Big Mac Salad.

Nice representation across the board, and I can say I'm really looking forward to Paul and Alexx' Big Arm Wrestling Match.

Finally, here are your wonderful ideas:

  • Picnic, bonfire night, murder mystery, another spa day, featured cocktail nights, our own personal pride parade
  • Invention convention, collaborative story writing (Google Docs), origami zoo, tiny campfire (candles/smores/ghost stories)
  • Finger Painting, Octavia Butler's BIrthday
  • Cookies, labo, trampolining, gib’s, escape room

And that's it folks! Thanks for participating, and I can't wait until we get to begin putting all of these fun plans into motion. And since I haven't gotten to it yet, BLACK LIVES MATTER and FUCK THE POLICE!

This week in Fun Club History

  • Regular-Ass Thursday Fun Club - June 14th, 2018
  • McPike McPicnic - June 13th, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

Annual Membership Survey

June 5th, 2020

It's time to dust off that computer mouse and take our annual survey!

What do you like best about ThuFuClu? Worst? Who's your most favorite person to gab with? Least? (just kidding I think. I haven't created the survey yet.) What could be done to improve the Fun Club? To disimprove it? Next week we can go over the data!

Just remember, it's all in fun! And mandatory. Here ya go!

This week in Fun Club History

  • Improvised Sushi-Mason - June 7th, 2018
  • Story Slurry - June 6th, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

No-Inspiration Nelly

May 28th, 2020

I was not visited by the ghost of inspiration this week and I don't know what to write about.

What is your favorite article of clothing? Uhh. I guess mine's pants. I also know the word "sartorial", but again I have no way of putting that into any sort of valuable or novel context this week.

Okay... this is almost something now!

This week in Fun Club History

  • Broom St Edition - May 30th, 2018
  • Johanna's Big Break - May 30th, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

All I Wanna Do is Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom

May 21st, 2020

And, heck, why not: A poom-poom. Also, I have one small request for you, please: Just shake ya rump.

With the formalities taken care of, let me welcome you to this week's Fun Club. Not much to report this week. I restarted Anathem by Neal Stephenson again, and I think this time it's going to stick. It's quite a wild ride, and I'm practicing being ok with not understanding everything that's going on. Maybe good practice for the real world as well. Peach is learning how to play with hands, which is a ton of fun. She always seems concerned with making sure she's not actually applying any real claw or tooth pressure and I love her little concerned face. She couldn't leave a mark on a human if all of her lives depended on it. She's just Too Sweet.

*UPDATE* Peach is becoming less concerned with claw pressure.

This week in Fun Club History

  • Wednesday Edition - May 23rd, 2018
  • Jamie's Graduation Party - May 23rd, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

Tomita's Greatest Hits

May 14th, 2020

It's a musical blast from my childhood past this week, as we examine a collection of Isao Tomita's most riveting compositions. My parents had the CD and John and I would listen endlessly, the music stirring our imagination and creating a distinctive feelings while we played with our toys. I haven't had a huge appetite for music for the past few months, but this album has rekindled my aural embers. Oh, won't you listen too?

If you have Spotify it's just a click away. This click in fact! If you don't have Spotify, I have ordered some Tomita vinyl, and I don't own a record player.

Track Listing

  • Also sprach Zarathustra: Fanfare - It's when those monkeys were throwing bones at the giant black slab. It's ok.

  • Grand Canyon Suite: On the Trail - Bump along an echoing canyon with your best friends. Fun! Starts a little scary.

  • Canon in D Major, P. 37 - Take the gentlest of naps.

  • Syncopated Clock - An all-time favorite. Listen for the stereoscopic "boom boom" at 1:21. I might not know what stereoscopic means.

  • Boléro - A long, slow burn. A little pilot drives an airplane from one ear to the other for 10 minutes. Great while stoned. (It's all great when stoned)

  • Star Wars: Main Title - A true classic, but with a brief gimmicky twist. Good for children.

  • Suite Bergamasque: Clair de Lune, No. 3 - Beautiful, gentle, delicate. A favorite of Leo's.

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind - The least essential track, not much to grab on to. It's fun and goofy though. It's about aliens.

  • Symphony No. 5: Allegro marcato - Now we're talking. Wind through the expanding passages of your own mind in this driving, frilly cacophony. Synthetic trumpets tickle your cochlear essence until you climax at exactly 2:40.

  • Golliwogg's Cakewalk, No. 6 - Another favorite of mine. Close your eyes and try to picture the creature Golliwog and what his cakewalk entails. If you're stumped, look up the word "evocative" in the dictionary and he'll be there. Imagine what this song would do to the malleable neural mesh of a young child! You know me, so you don't even have to imagine.

  • Infernal Dance of King Kastchei - *Try* and survive this boss-fight of a song as lasers sting your brain and flubber fills your guts. Listen for doors opening starting at 1:33. Also, it's the second most badass song title on the album.

  • Hora Staccato - Before portraying Aaron Neville on SNL, this song played on this album. It's jaunty but not that great. If you skip it that's fine.

  • Mars, The Bringer of War - Not for the faint of heart, this track drips menace from every lashing sonic tentacle. Steely buzzsaws of malice karom through your skull as the track mounts to it's devastating conclusion: John and I's favorite toys being shot through and torn apart by crackling space-lasers, over. And over. And over. Until they are killed...(or are they?) Pay special attention to the coded conversation at 3:40. Can you make out what they're saying?

  • The Great Gate of Kiev - How do you put a capper on all of that? Why, with my favorite track on the album, and incidentally the most badassedly titled one too. This is the track that brought me back to life, and if you only listen to one song on the album (and I pray that you don't) then let it be this one. As the song opens, our toys descended from the heavens, newly resurrected. I'll let the rest speak for itself.

This week in Fun Club History

  • No More Mo? Oh No, Woe - May 16th, 2019

No Thursday Fun Club

Pet Day

May 7th, 2020

Love your pets. I know you already do.

You just never know how long they're gonna gift us with their presence. Orval and Peach are fine.

This week in Fun Club History

  • Snake Snake Snake, Snake Snake Snake, Snake Your Booty - May 9th, 2019
  • Tonight Edition - May 10th, 2018

No Thursday Fun Club

Big Butt Small Nipple II

April 30th, 2020

Something happened one year ago, something that is now all but forgotten. It's time to get back to basics. It's time to forget about the virus. It's time for the jubilant return of Big Butt Small Nipple.

Big butts and small butts and ones in between
Each person's nipples may have such a sheen
But when a difference in sizes is there
We'll call upon Winnie to explain with flair


  • When the dog bites
  • When the bee stings
  • When you're feeling sad

This week in Fun Club History

  • Big Butt Small Nipple - May 2nd, 2019
  • Tomorrow Edition - May 3rd, 2018

No Thursday Fun Club

The Newest of Normals

April 23rd, 2020

Thought patterns slowly adjust as our cruel summer begins to take shape. With uncertainty shadowing each step forward, a sometimes not-so-subtle psychic weight has descended upon our minds. Will we make a better world on the other side of this? Is there even an "other side" to reach for? Will our species simply try and forget COVID-19 and all of the lessons it provided, and strive to return to a world of mental slavery and ecological ruin? (yes)

I hope everyone is holding up well. Jo and I are fine, and I'm glad that none of us here in Wisconsin have gotten ill. My little brother lives out in Boulder and works at a grocery store, and seems to be enduring a second round of illness in a month. There's no way to know for sure (because people can't get FUCKING TESTED) but it seems like it's the 'vid. He's doing better day over day, but it's still quite a worrisome situation. Keep him in your thoughts.


  • If you ever need to reach out, Jo and I are always here
  • Make sure you're getting enough vitamin D
  • I can't wait for e-Fun Club each week!

This week in Fun Club History

  • Winnie's Cookie Party - April 25th, 2019
  • DOOM Edition - April 19th, 2018

No Thursday Fun Club

Thinking About Hugs

April 16th, 2020

I think when this is all over we should try a blind hug test. One person is the ringleader, everyone else is blindfolded and lined up. A tone is emitted, everyone takes one step forward and into the arms of someone else. A second tone is emitted after a few moments and everyone simultaneously releases their grip, takes a step back, and begins to concentrate. At this point many clues are rumbling through our oxytocin addled heads, leading to questions such as:

  • Was I just enveloped by a gentle tallness?
  • Did I experience the compensatory movements of someone ceaselessly wiggling their tushie?
  • Was it simply a long, sweet hug?
  • Was that a scrap of beard in mine ear as we drew close?
  • During this hug, did I hear the unmistakable creak of a leather jacket being gingerly constricted by mine very own arms?
  • Did I smell Jo's intoxicating perfume, and am I Paul right now?
  • Was it Winnie?
  • Is anyone else here? Hello?! Rodger?

Once the votes have been tallied we'll see who the best hugger is (it's Alexx) and who the best hug identifier is (TBD).

I haven't cried about all of this yet, and I hope I do soon, cause I love crying and I feel a big cry stuck in my chest that I want to get out. Hasn't happened so far, but I know I'm gonna cry when I get to hug you guys again.


  • If you could hug anyone from the past, who would it be?
  • Were ancient hugs the same as modern hugs?
  • If your arms are in casts, what is the next best thing?

No Thursday Fun Club


April 9th, 2020

The Days Gone By

O the days gone by! O the days gone by!
The apples in the orchard, and the pathway through the rye;
The chirrup of the robin, and the whistle of the quail
As he piped across the meadows sweet as any nightingale;
When the bloom was on the clover, and the blue was in the sky,
And my happy heart brimmed over in the days gone by.

In the days gone by, when my naked feet were tripped
By the honey-suckle’s tangles where the water-lilies dipped,
And the ripples of the river lipped the moss along the brink
Where the placid-eyed and lazy-footed cattle came to drink,
And the tilting snipe stood fearless of the truant’s wayward cry
And the splashing of the swimmer, in the days gone by.

O the days gone by! O the days gone by!
The music of the laughing lip, the luster of the eye;
The childish faith in fairies, and Aladdin’s magic ring—
The simple, soul-reposing, glad belief in everything,—
When life was like a story, holding neither sob nor sigh,
In the golden olden glory of the days gone by.

-James Whitcomb Riley

No Thursday Fun Club

ThuFluClu Edition

April 2nd, 2020

April is the cruelest month.


  • Videochatting with friends is a shining light in the darkness
  • Take it a day at a time
  • One bad year, then we get the vax. Then we find the new normal, together

No Thursday Fun Club

Love in the Time of COVID-19

March 26th, 2020

I don't know about you, but I don't feel as though the staggering reality of this situation has truly hit me yet. I think a little bit seeps in each day, and a little more each week, when I don't get to see you all. Think about it... what if some dude had come along and stopped Fun Club for 3 months? There would be an outcry, anger, retribution. Justice. But, since it's a pandemic that came on slowly, then all at once, it feels different. Numb, and unreal. Nothing feels as real to me anymore, I suppose in part because the facade of society is crumbling before our eyes. I think all of us have also gained some clarity when it comes to what is truly important in life.

While the boardgames gather dust and the polaroid film remains sealed, we can still grasp at some fellowship here. If anyone has thoughts to share, just email me and I'll add them to the site. I also want to plan some porch parties once the air is a little less chilly. Goddamn it you guys. This really stinks.


  • I love you
  • You aren't alone
  • We'll get through this

No Thursday Fun Club

COVID-19: Animal Crossing Edition

March 19th, 2020

The world reels as the pandemic takes hold. It got Tom Hanks and basketball last week, next week the Olympics and elections? Yes, it's now more important than ever to keep our wits about us, practice good personal hygiene, and sadly, avoid grouping together in a squishy pile of love in my living room. With community spread established in Madison it's the only prudent choice to make. I'd also like to set an example, and err on the side of caution. But I miss you all.

In lighter news, Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out today! Johanna and I are beyond excited for this, and we're looking forward to creating a new island town together. There's space for a few of you to move in as well, and we can't wait to share the game with you once this C-virus business is in the rearview.


  • Coughs and sneezes spread diseases
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it
  • Wash your hands!

No Thursday Fun Club

COVID-19 Edition

March 12th, 2020

Due to my rising concern regarding COVID-19 I have decided to cancel this week's fun club. I'm not one to panic or be consumed by what-ifs, but I'd like to wait and see what the coming weeks look like before I fill my apartment with love, laughter and possibly disease. In my opinion, it's starting to look like social distancing may be the smart thing to do, and we'll be playing it by ear as time goes on. I just want everyone to stay healthy and safe. I've been watching this English nurse's Youtube channel, and he posts daily updates, as well as more general info about personal hygiene and the like. Take it with as many grains of salt as you like, but he refers only to governmental reports and medical journals in his videos, and I'd highly recommend you take a look and stay informed.

This doesn't feel like the time for my usual brand of quips, so I leave you with this:

In this respect, our townsfolk were like everybody else, wrapped up in themselves; in other words, they were humanists: they disbelieved in pestilences. A pestilence isn't a thing made to man's measure; therefore we tell ourselves that pestilence is a mere bogy of the mind, a bad dream that will pass away. But it doesn't always pass away and, from one bad dream to another, it is men who pass away, and the humanists first of all, because they have taken no precautions.

Our townsfolk were not more to blame than others; they forgot to be modest, that was all, and thought that everything still was possible for them; which presupposed that pestilences were impossible. They went on doing business, arranged for journeys, and formed views. How should they have given a thought to anything like plague, which rules out any future, cancels journeys, silences the exchange of views. They fancied themselves free, and no one will ever be free so long as there are pestilences.

-Excerpt from The Plague by Albert Camus

Thursday Fun Club

2 Year Anniversary Celebration

March 5th, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

The very first *Tues*day Fun Club was way back in 2014, approx. 1.5 lifetimes ago. It was created by myself and two former friends, as something for us roller derby widows to do while our S.O.'s practiced each Tuesday evening. While I look back on this first iteration with feelings slightly north of ambivalence, and while I felt like I never truly fit in with that group, I am grateful for those people and those experiences. They helped shape who I am now, someone less prone to compromise what I desire out of my friendships, and someone empowered to make the things I want to happen, happen. Happen.

The very first *Thurs*day Fun Club was held two March's ago, and I'm so happy that people want to come to my house once a week. It means a lot to Jo and I. Truly, I like nothing more than to fill my life with, well, laughter and love, and you all are the filling-uppingest folks that I know. Here's to many more years of ThuFuClu goodness.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Tell us about your favorite TFC, or favorite memory
  • 8:00 PM I want to play JS Joust. Pretty please?
  • 9:30 PM I wish you all could see how crummy was. I didn't know shit about making websites back then!
  • 10:00 PM Happy Birthday Peachy! Your paw is now more bent than ever, so hopefully the healing ceremony works this year.

Friday Fun Club

Cocktails in the Conservatory

February 28th, 2020 - 7pm


It's almost time to bid farewell to old man winter, and thank god for that. Before we do, however, we have another entry in the Winter Doldrums notebook to attend to. While it may sound like what you'd do in Clue Manor if you weren't feeling murdery or detectivey, it in fact is some sort of thing where we drink fancy drinks at Olbrich! It's eight dollars. You can find more info here.

In other events, it turns out that KOYAANISQATSI was the movie we deserved, but not the one we needed right now. We didn't watch it. Everyone was so happy that night and I didn't want to bring the room down, as only Phillip Glass set to images of a landfill can. We'll do it another time, preferably when we need it, but don't deserve it.

Speaking of other times, we're almost at the 2 year anniversary of Thursday Fun Club! Can you believe it? Thursday Fun Club: The Next Generation was held on March 1st, 2018, and look at us now. What a beautiful little community we've become, cultivated via my keen, judicious shears and Johanna's potent, metaphorical fertilizer. We'll have a special 2 year anniversary event next week, so start thinking of your favorite TFC mems and memes.


  • 7:00 PM Garden accessed
  • 7:30 PM Rosè by the roses
  • 8:00 PM Is it all in the greenhouse? Can I walk around outside a litte?
  • 9:30 PM Fresh botanicals

No Thursday Fun Club

PHP UK 2020 Edition

February 20th, 2020

The board is set, the pieces are in motion, and all that's left for me and Jo is the worry and the glory of a conference a continent away. Mercifully, we get to stay in beautiful snowy Wisconsin this time, but our hearts and minds will be deep within the Big Smoke.

With our internal klaxons klaxoning and a hearty miasma of anxiety in the air, I'm afraid this is no time for a Fun Club. We'll be back next week, and If you're curious about what exactly we do to keep the lights on over at TFC Towers you can take a gander here. Keep calm, and you know the rest.

Thursday Film Club


February 13th, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

I love films, and it's time once again to look to the silver screen as we present a showing of Godfrey Reggio's KOYAANISQATSI. If life was already out of balance* in 1982 then I can only shudder at the state of affairs now, almost 4 decades later. This film seems more relevant with each passing year, and if you haven't heard of it you may watch a trailer here.

We'll be skipping both sequels (POWAQQATSI and NAGOYQATSI) because they're sort of rubbish. And now our report from last week's Niq Day:

  • Affirmations: Given and received
  • Memory Affection Level: Cherished
  • Metal: Black
  • Chips and salsa: Mostly unscathed
  • Peanut butter brownies: Demolished
  • Pandemic Response: 3/4 diseases cured - MISSION FAILURE
  • Overall Niq Day Status: SUCCESS


  • 6:00 PM *The literal translation of the film's title
  • 7:30 PM Movie begins
  • 8:00 PM There's no dialogue so people can talk and stuff
  • 9:30 PM Cynicism pacified

Thursday Fun Club

Niq Day

February 6th, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

It's time once again to take a deep dive into one of our own as we celebrate our friend Niq, and try to determine what makes them, well, tiq. What do we know so far?

  • musically adept, knowledgable
  • nice hair
  • gently goes against the grain
  • coder, drummer, lover

With these gifts in mind we'll raise a glass, listen to a tune or two, and whatever else Niq may fancy. I for one am very happy that this person is in our lives, and talking with them about music, gaming, distopias, machines, apocalypses, and the beautiful nature of life's simple pleasures will always lift my spirits. Niq, this one's for you!


  • 6:00 PM Niq arrives
  • 7:30 PM Screamo cranked
  • 8:00 PM Crushin' beers and chips and salsa
  • 9:30 PM Watch a Youtube of Niq's choice

No Thursday Fun Club

Rock Star Eve

January 30th, 2020

With the unbridled success of Spa Day gently tumbling through our subconsciouses, we're all a little too relaxed for a Fun Club this week. If you weren't lucky enough to make it last time, let me tell you: we made good on the premise. In just one glance I beheld Jo doing her nails, Erica getting her nails did (courtesy of Leo) and Winnie soaking her little tootsies in the tub of hot water. Niq was across from me, but they had a nose strip on as well. I did a nose strip too, and I'd rather forget about what I saw upon removal, forever. And don't forget the ecstacy of the hand rub trades. Y'know, I think hand massages are really underrated.

Truth be told, the real reason we're not doing a Fun Club is because tomorrow is Niq and Alexx's Rock Star Party! Calling all Bowies, Joplins and Waits! Put on your best outfit, cause there's usually a costume contest! If you're a ThuFuClu'r and you want to come, but need the deets, just hit me up!


  • 6:00 PM Spandex measured and cut
  • 7:30 PM Wig collected and combed
  • 8:00 PM Inflatable guitar, well, inflated
  • 9:30 PM One more sleep

Thursday Fun Club

Spa Day

January 23rd, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

With the colossal failure of the Roomba Wager hanging fresh in the air, the already damp spirits of those who dwell within TFC Towers are dampened further. You miss 100% of the shots you don't make, but sometimes you gotta know when to cut your losses and reign in your fanciful ideas. With that in mind, we've got a way for us to collectively lick our spiritual wounds: Spa Day!

Come over for the full spa experience, including:

  • facials
  • tub of hot water for feet
  • paint your nails
  • hand massage trades

Join us for all that, and all of your other favorites. And don't forget about Alexx and Niq's Rockstar Party on the 31st!


  • 6:00 PM Clients arrive
  • 7:30 PM Rice mask applied
  • 8:00 PM Rice mask eaten
  • 9:30 PM Melt into a ball of contentment, or, at the very least, wilt into a sphere of acceptance

Thursday Fun Club

Winter Doldrums I

January 16th, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

With the holidays in the rearview, Moses secreted back to Long Beach and Johanna safe from the clutches of NYC, a sense of a semblance of normalcy settles across the fun club, much like a gentle blanket of fresh snow. Contentedly relaxing under blankets, our little hearts begin to beat out the rhythm of a new decade. There's so much potential to make the world, and each other's lives, BETTER. Our little hearts pittering, and our big ol' brains begin to wonder: How do we wait out these winter doldrums? With fellowship, snacks, beer, ganja, and TFC's Second Ever Wager!

Wager how long the Roomba takes to dock! Wager how long the Roomba takes to dock! Sometimes it gets it right away, sometimes it wanders like a drunk for 4 minutes. Get your bets in, press the button, and cheer as the little vacuum that might bumps into it's dock 3 times, spins around, and goes in the other room for a while. Thrilling, thrilling stuff, people.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Roomba charged
  • 8:00 PM Dock button pressed
  • 9:30 PM It's still trying!

Thursday Fun Club

Bachelor Edition

January 9th, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

When the cat is away the mice shall play! With Johanna on business in the Big Apple, it'll be up to Paul to rise to the occasion all on his own. Get a glimpse of what things could be like without our beloved Johanna, including cereal for dinner, blatant drug use, 50% less cleavage, videogame speedruns on the TV 24/7, weeping cats, and a yearning for female companionship.

Don't worry though, all of the regular ThuFuClu goodness will be in effect as well. What's a thing we could do that Johanna doesn't normally want to do? Play Johan Sebastian Joust? Probably not. But we should.


  • 6:00 PM Johanna departs
  • 7:30 PM Paul is a hoarder now, overnight
  • 8:00 PM Just Joust
  • 9:30 PM ♫Johaaaaaaana... where... arrre youuuuuuuu?♫

Thursday Fun Club

Roost Edition

January 2nd, 2020 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

By now you know all about chickens and roosts, so just be advised that one Moses is in town and'll be Thursdaying it up with us. Get it while it's hot. We don't currently have film for the polaroid so this may be an in-the-flesh-or-nothing situation. Your long winter's nap can wait one more day, come say hello.

We've also got some good stuff cooking to help up ride out the rest of the cold season, so stay warm, and keep your friends closer. SMILE, Thursday loves you!


  • 6:00 PM Moses arrives
  • 7:30 PM Tales swapped, beer sopped
  • 8:00 PM Thunderous applause
  • 9:30 PM Moses plays and sings "The Hurricane" on air piano

Friday Fun Club

Mid-Holiday Chiller Edition

December 27th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

I don't know about you, but I'm fucking exhausted. The holidays are wonderful and it's great to give and receive with you and yours, but I just need to chill for a minute. Come, chill with me.

This'll be the last Fun Club of the decade, and the twenties will be the last decade in which to have fun, so let's all make the most of it, but in a chill fashion. No wagers, no gimmicks, no surprises, just some mid-grade mirth and gentle merriment. Amen.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Sit with your hands in your lap
  • 8:00 PM Look to your left, look to your right. Smile, and think private thoughts.
  • 9:30 PM Exhale, rise from the couch and trot out into the cool dark air

Thursday Fun Club

Johanna's Birthday Party

December 19th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

It's the most wonderful time... of our lives. With the collapse of modern civilization only a scant three decades away, we really are living in our halcyon days. What better time to celebrate life and love than right here and right now? And who(m?) better to celebrate than the person who helped me learn to code this very website?

Johanna Cherry. Friend to animals, compassionate, thoughtful. Smart. Cute. Others. I like watching her when she talks to anyone at all, friend or stranger, because she always seems engaged and genuine, her face bright and warm. She inspires me, like Helen Hunt inspired Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets. So it's her birthday on Christmas eve, just like that little old baby Jesus. C'mon over to our manger, lay down your sweet head, and look up to the stars as they look down where you lay. We're going to make Birthmas cookies, even though Birthmas is the most disgusting portmanteau I've ever come up with.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM "Happy Birthday, Johanna!" is the cry
  • 8:00 PM Stocking unstuffed
  • 9:30 PM Cookies iced

Thursday Fun Club

Housewarming Edition

December 12th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Sometimes the chickens need a new roost, one with a lot more leg room. And bathroom. Come, let me show you our new apartment. It's practically cavernous compared to the old place, and we've retained all of the charm and smarm that you love, plus two furry special guests called Orvak and Peach.

I had a couple friends over to watch the new episode of Rick and Morty last night, and we all sat on the couch. Let me tell you, it just feels less claustrophobic and more gentle and free in here now. You can sit on the couch and look into the kitchen and it seems so big and far away, and you just melt into your seat in contentment. So c'mon over for that regular old Fun Club flavor, wrapped up in shiny new packaging with a bow on top. Christmas.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM The doorbell works! No more waiting out in the cold for 10 minutes!
  • 8:00 PM Spill, spill into my home. Come further up, come further in! as Aslan said. As Aslan.
  • 9:30 PM It's so warm in here now

Thursday Fun Club Remote

You, Kaiju

December 5th, 2019 - 9pm


We're putting the finishing touches on the new and improved chez Cherry-Berberich, (Cherberich? Berry? I kinda like Berry. Berry Cherry. Sounds like a Runts. Fuck I used to love Runts. I mean Nerds! Nerds. Runts are OK, but no banana pls. I used to eat Nerds Ropes and they made my face hot) and in the mean time we've got something special for you. Have you ever wanted to dress up like a monster and destroy a city? Me too! A cardboard city, mind. We're in luck, though! Miles has clued us in on their event, conveniently happening this Thursday at Crucible nightclub. I don't know much more about it but it sounds rad as hell. It's 10 ducats.

If anyone would like a ride we can take 3 of you, just don't peek into our windows because no spoilers until the grand unveiling, scheduled for next Thursday. It's nice in here though, real nice. So much space. You can really breathe in the kitchen, and there's a long hallway for the cats to race up and down. Dat half bath.

Christmas countdown update: 1.5 fortnights to go!


  • 8:30 PM Godzillas arrive
  • 9:00 PM There's a wolf, a giant lizard, and a... um. What was the last guy in Rampage? Robot?
  • 10:00 PM How are there enough cardboard buildings for everyone?
  • 10:30 PM Won't they all get smashed in like the first 10 minutes?

The Last Thursday Fun Club

House Cooling Edition

November 21st, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

This is it, folks. The last Thursday Fun Club...

At least, it's the last one on Livingston St. We've got the bottom floor of a house with our names on it and will be moving at the end of the month, and we're pretty excited. But we'd be remiss if we didn't look back and appreciate all of the fun that we had here, and the amenities that won't be coming with us. Including:

  • 4 Season Catio
  • 1 Season Rooftop
  • 10 people jammed into a tiny living room, elbow to elbow on the couch
  • Trains, Trains, and Automo-trains
  • Killer Queen within shouting distance
  • Loud, loud central air
  • No room for Johann Sebastian Joust

So join us, won't you, for the un-christening of good old our-apartment. And then, on to bigger and better things. Or at least maintain the same baseline level of fun, or at the very least slow down the declining levels of fun. Or just survive. As long as we have each other, the end of the world can be, well, fun.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive for the last time
  • 7:30 PM Hopefully someone made Winnie's Big Mac Salad
  • 8:00 PM Play with the cats on the catio while a train goes by and the air is on and someone on the roof yells down at you
  • 9:30 PM Each person may take a piece of lumber or drywall on their way out

Thursday Fun Club

Preliminary Round

November 14th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

It's almost the most wonderful time... of the year. Just under 6 weeks, according to ye olde Christmas Countdown. Until then, things are HEATING up with the maiden voyage of the WINTER JACKBOX TOURNAMENT. Each week we'll knock out another chapter or so from the Jackbox archives, with points awarded to first, second and third place. I'm thinking 5 pts, 3 pts, and 1 pt respectively. This will culminate with the Grand Finals as we play the newly released Jackbox VI. I smell a prize for the winner, and I'm not talking Christmas roast! More like the new plastic smell of a small denomination gift card from one of our neighborhoods fine small businesses. Or IS it a roast?

Winter in Wisconsin is deadly and occasionally depressing, so come, warm your hearts, minds, and bodies at my house. We're moving soon so this may be one of your last chances to see a train go by real close, admire the frozen catio, or take to the rooftops for a teeth-chattering selfie. Don't worry, we're not going very far.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Box Jacked
  • 8:00 PM Smell roast
  • 9:30 PM Who's Blounder?

No Thursday Fun Club

Commencing Christmas Countdown

November 7th, 2019

Just hear those sleigh bells ting-a-ling, ring-ting-ting-a-ling... NO! Not yet, not before our countdown to Christmas. 55 days baybee!

No Thursday Fun Club

Just a Hallowed Ween

October 31st, 2019

Have a fun Halloween! We'll be back next week to begin our countdown to Christmas.

Thursday Fun Club

Les Enfants du Jaque O' Lanterne

October 24th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

It's Halloween time again and I've already eaten too many candy corns. I like to dig through the jar and take just the pumpkins, because they're the juiciest ones. Sometimes I take a pile with me when I go to bed for a little good-night treat. Speaking of pumpkins, let's segue into the topic of jack-o-lanterns. We've got tools and a book of patterns, you just provide your pumpkin. It's a BYOP situation. Or bring cash or venmo and Jo or I will run over to Festival and grab a few, in case you're walking over and don't want to tote that gourd. Are pumpkins gourds? They must be.

Last weeks sauté pan event was just as riveting as you pictured, with the lid taking a whopping 4m 7s to fall beneath the sudsy surface. Nic took home the prize with their winning and germain prediction of 6m 66s (7m 6s). What fun fruit roll ups will we roll out with next? Find out in the only way possible: Brrs-day Haunt Blood.


  • 6:00 PM Pumpkins shined
  • 7:30 PM Avoid plunging chefs knife into thigh while cutting out eye holes
  • 8:00 PM What if you could make one out of a candy corn pumpkin? That would be awesome.
  • 9:30 PM Save the goop for pie!

Thursday Fun Club

Wager how Long it Takes for the
Sauté Pan Lid to Sink

October 17th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Late last night I was doing the dishes and I placed the lid of a sauté pan upside down into the sudsy water. Sudsy. Anyway, the lid has a small hole in it, for steam to escape probably. But what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a tiny water fountain erupting from the hole as the soapy water rushed in. I was bewitched, and I wondered how long it would take for the water to fill the lid and for the lid to capsize. The results may surprise you. They certainly surprised me. For this week's main event we'll all crowd into the kitchen and place bets on how long it takes for the lid to sink. I'll refrain from weighing in because, while I didn't record the elapsed time last night, I do have a vague sense of how long it takes. Whomstever comes closest will win a prize!



  • 6:00 PM Lid staged
  • 7:30 PM Sink filled, suds achieved
  • 8:00 PM And they're off!
  • 9:30 PM Winner!

Thursday Fun Club

Goose Skull Challenge

October 10th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

We never got around to Skulls the other night, too many juicy distractions. Let's take another run at that at this week's Fun Club. I also have another game to share, where you play as a mischievous goose who waddles around fucking with people. People such as gardener, shopkeeper, little boy. It's cute and fun. You can honk infinite times.

If you could play as any animal in a video game, which would you choose? Think about your answer and tell somebody. I think it would be fun to be a bear w/cubs, and you have to catch fish and bust up stumps for termites. I also just thought it would be fun and sophisticated to pronounce termites as "ter-ME-tez", so there's that.


  • 6:00 PM Goose Arrives
  • 7:30 PM You can steal the little boy's glasses and it feels a little too mean
  • 8:00 PM Skulls probably!
  • 9:30 PM Pudding

Thursday Fun Club

Re-fraternization Edition

October 3rd, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Sometimes the chickens leave the roost. Sometimes the chicken in question is your little brother and the roost refers to our beautiful home state of Wisconsin. Join us for a very special reunion as John, my younger brother John, returns to the fold for one week only.

There's nothing that two boys like better than a beer in one hand and a glowing frisbee in the other, or the frisbee may be in-flight too. And the two boys are surrounded by their cheering friends. With that in mind, I've got 2 G.I.T.D frisbee and we'll take them and a cooler to McPike park, following the meet and greet at my place. Whip out a beer, whip me over that frisbee, and try to live in each heartwarming moment.


  • 6:00 PM John arrives
  • 7:30 PM He's a younger, more charismatic me. What's his weakness?
  • 8:00 PM Frisbeer(!)
  • 9:30 PM Kario Mart

No Thursday Fun Club

Only You

September 26th, 2019

Let's all take a week off for some psychic digestion, shall we?

Close your eyes and picture your ideal Thursday. What do you see?


  • 6:00 PM Close eyes
  • 7:30 PM Open mind
  • 8:00 PM Drink water
  • 9:30 PM Dream deeply

Thursday Fun Club

Avalon Feat. Rod

September 19th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Rod burst onto the scene this Summer with wit and grace, and he'll be stretching his wings even further this week as he takes us on a journey through the board game known as Avalon. How nice for me to just sit back and enjoy the evening with someone else at the tiller...

What's Avalon? Who's Rod? These are important questions, and if you seek answers to them then look no further than this week's Fun Club. Come for the fun, stay for the club. Arrivederci!


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Board set, pieces in motion
  • 8:00 PM Avalon, Rod appraised
  • 9:30 PM Pudding

Thursday Fun Club


September 12th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Come play this new game we got, called Skulls. It's a deceptively simple bluffing game, similar to liars dice but without all of the racket of dice being shook in a plastic cup. You know the racket.

Last week's tube hole was a smashing success, and I'm proud of everyone's submissions. Here's a link to the playlist so you can relive your favorite moments. God bless.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Let's compare actual skulls
  • 8:00 PM Skulls!
  • 9:30 PM Pudding

Thursday Fun Club

Tube Hole

September 5th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Yeowch, g'bye summer. It was pretty good.

This week we'll be participating in a tube hole, which is usually a bad idea that causes division among friends. I'm being dramatic, of course. The last two tube holes I went to were with a-holes, so I'm not too worried about it this time. You, however, *should* be worried. Worried about which of your fabulous favorite YouTube videos you'd like to share! Put together your most hopeful of hopefuls and send them over to me and I'll put them in a playlist for us. Email's probably the best but I don't care, just get me those sweet sweet URLS. Earls, we call them.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Log on to the information superhighway AKA the world wide web
  • 8:00 PM We're not so different, you and I. Or you and you.
  • 9:30 PM Bandwidth cap!

Thursday Fun Club

Edition Edition

August 29th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

My brain is still mush. Just come to my house so I can see your face and hear your voice, it'll make me so happy.

Next week will be a tube hole/film fest, so start thinking about which YouTube videos you'd like to share with everyone. More info on that soon. Bye.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM It me
  • 8:00 PM Hehe
  • 9:30 PM Pudding

No Thursday Fun Club

UK Edition

We're in England this week. Keep calm and carry on.

Thursday Fun Club Remote

Improvised Edition

August 15th, 2019 - 7pm

The Vault

1709 S. Park St.

Come see if it was worth me missing an entire summer of Fun Club at this very special Fun Club Remote. You can (and most definitely should) BYOB/drinks, since we're going to be at The Vault.

My class has been on story arc and group mind, so watch as me and my classmates create entire worlds out of thin air and weave satisfying stories full of emotion, stakes, and laughter. We'll dazzle you with our narrative prowess as each and every facet and wrinkle of the story is paid off, and every tangent reaches it's own thoughtful conclusion. You know Sophie? She's in it too. You can get tickets here.


  • 7:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:30 PM Showtime!
  • 8:00 PM Laugh, be moved.
  • 9:30 PM Afterparty

Thursday Fun Club

Sorbet Party

August 8th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

Heat and light radiate from the stark white sky, rendering your surroundings a blinding monochrome. Mouth juiceless, you find yourself yearning for a certain cold, tart, neon treat. Sorbet. It's good, you haven't had it in a long while, and you need it. Come to my house and eat it. Maybe bring your favorite one if you have one too.

Last week I was feeling poetic and it really gave folks a spark of inspiration, so I tried to do it again but I ran out of steam. Robert Frosty cold sorbet.


  • 6:00PM Guests arrive
  • 8:00 PM A rainbow in your mouth occurs
  • 9:45 PM Paul gets back from class
  • 10:00 PM Sorbet

Thursday Fun Club

Dog Days Edition

August 1st, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's

August. The queen of months. This is the big one, everybody: high summer, low sorrow, medium expectations.

The city unfolds before you like a paper lantern, shimmering with heat and potential. Bathe yourself in the sweat-soaked catharsis of today, knowing full well that winter's dull bounty is already gathering along the periphery. Side by side we gaze longingly into the vibrant green water of the lakes, while all-too-obvious metaphors dance within our heads. Holding hands, we slip beneath the gentle waves one last time.


  • 6:00PM Guests arrive
  • 8:00 PM Go up to the roof maybe
  • 9:45 PM Paul gets back from class
  • 10:00 PM Sunset

No Thursday Fun Club

Summer Interlude Edition

July 25th, 2019 - NA

Your Houses

No Fun Club this week. Hold your loved ones tightly.


  • 6:00PM Draw a bath
  • 8:00 PM Read a book
  • 9:45 PM Brush your teeth
  • 10:00 PM Go to bed

Thursday Fun Club

Arctic Chill Party

July 18th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

It's the dog days of Summer and the only thing to do is chill, so why not join this cool party? The hotter it gets outside, the more we run the AC, and the hotter it gets outside. Chilling.

I ask you, however, what are the alternatives? A while back I saw one and it wasn't pretty. I had a ton of people over to my old apartment that didn't have adequate A/C and we played Johan Sebastian Joust. A humid mess occurred, resulting in a thick veneer of human breath-waste that coated the room, including the ceiling, which began to drip upon us in a concerning and non refreshing manner. Human rain. I made human rain in my house and I vowed to never let it happen again.

The thermostat will be locked down at a bracing 71°, Winnie is making Big Mac Salad, and we'll witness the return of the classic party game called Johan Sebastian Joust. Bring cool treats and wear summer clothes! I don't know why you wouldn't already be in summer clothes!


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 8:00 PM It feels so nice in here
  • 9:45 PM Johan Sebastian Joust
  • 10:30 PM It's still 78° outside so you should stay a little longer

Thursday Fun Club

Get That Fete

July 11th, 2019 - 6pm

McPike Park

It's the Fete! The Fete's here! It sure came up fast this year, but it seems like everything happens so fast these days, right? All the more reason to create some wonderful new memories with your fellow club members.

Ride the ferris wheel, eat some (more) corn, drink a beer and dance the night away. Then do it the next night, and the next, and the next! Drink water in between Fete-ings, and wear sunblock too. The highlight for me and Johanna is the Musique Electronique (ooh lah lah) on Friday and Saturday nights so maybe we'll see you and we can sweat in a tent together.


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive at the Fete
  • 8:00 PM Remember when this was a frozen waste?
  • 9:45 PM Paul whips out a frisbee
  • 10:00 PM Fete's shut now but maybe grab a beer somewhere nearby

Thursday Fun Club

4th of July Edition

July 4th, 2019 - 7pm

Paul & Jo's

As America continues her descent into global villainy we'll take to the rooftops and shout into the void. It's also Orval's 10th birthday (observed)!

It's difficult for me to want to celebrate our country too much, what with all the unchecked evil. But I can certainly celebrate all of you, and you me, and each other each other. So git on up to that rooftop, my little doggies! Git up there and whup it up! Jo and I will provide buns, lemonade, sweet corn and a few other accoutrements, so BYOB and whatever you'd like to grill.


  • 7:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 8:00 PM Orval sung happy birthday and safely tucked into bed
  • 9:00 PM Red Wine and Booze
  • 10:00 PM Contact your representatives tomorrow

Thursday Fun Club

Home Fun Fun Club

June 27th, 2019 - 6pm

Your Home

We're sadly pleased to announce there's no fun club this week!

Let's all come together to take a week off and stay at home as we prepare for upcoming festivities. Staying home is our favorite pastime, and I'm sure it will soon become your's too. Some possible activities to do at home by yourself are: sitting on the couch, sitting on the porch, hugging your cat, doing laundry, washing that man right outa your hair, reading the paper, burning some incense while doing a deep hydration face mask, or throwing out old socks. Whatever you decide to do, you deserve it, you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

Rest up, friends; it's SUMMER ☀️

Summer Schedule

  • Saturday June 29th - Shake the Lake @ John Nolen Dr.
  • Thursday July 4th - Roof party @ P&J's
  • Friday July 5th - Hopefully you have off work
  • Saturday July 6th - Leather & Lace @ Prism
  • Thursday July 11th - Fete de Marquette opening night @ McPike Park
  • Friday July 12th - Fete again!! Let's go on the ferris wheel!
  • Saturday July 13th - Musique Èlectronique/The Techno Tent/The Best Night of Fete!
  • Sunday July 14th - Fete again..?! ok I'll just pop over for an hour or two...
  • Saturday July 27th/28th - Atwood Fest
  • Saturday August 3rd - Madison Vegan Fest
  • Thursday August 22nd/25th - Orton Park Festival
  • Saturday September 14th/15th - Willy St. Fair

Thursday Fun Club

Summer's Eve

June 20th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

It's the last day of Spring everyone! I believe it was Lord Tennyson who said "In the Spring a young (person's) fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love", so it's your last chance for that Spring fling you've always been talking about.

What does this mean for Fun Club? Hopefully nothing, it's not that kind of club.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM Ode to Spring
  • 8:30 PM Summer Beeseechings
  • 12:00 AM Summer Begins

Thursday Fun Club

McPike McPicnic

June 13th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's - McPike Park

It's too nice to sit inside and play games! So let's head to the park for a little picnic outdoorsy time.

We'll meet up at my place and once we've achieved critical mass we'll gently amble over to the park, which is nearby. Bring a snack, food, alchohol and/or an outdoor game if you have it. Someday soon we'll be drowning in humidity and mosquitos so don't miss your chance!


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM Baskets packed
  • 8:30 PM Frisbee tossed
  • 9:30 PM Twilight or dusk

Thursday Fun Club Wednesday Edition

Eleanor Inman's Day Off

June 12th, 2019 - 5pm

Paul and Jo's

Sometimes the chickens come home to roost. Sometimes the chicken in question is one Eleanor Inman, a supremely beautiful human being whom I am pleased to call my friend. And she could become your friend too, on this very special Wednesday edition of ThuFuClu.

She's blowing in from the windy city for one night only and requested that I throw her a game night, hence the adjustment from our normal day of the week. I realize that Thursday uniquely works for a lot of people, so if you can't make it I understand. That being said this is certain to be a classic slice of Fun Club goodness and I know you won't regret stopping by, even for just a little while.

If you can't make it on Wednesday, don't fret! We'll have a regular ass TFC on Thursday as well. I just can't get enough of you people I guess.


  • 5:00 PM Eleanor arrives
  • 6:00 PM Johanna plays Minecraft
  • 7:00 PM Tales from Chicago
  • 8:30 PM I'll Tummple For Ya
  • 9:30 PM Jackbox probably

Thursday Fun Club

Story Slurry

June 6th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

As Paul returns, bindle upon shoulder, from improv camp, let us come together for just a regular fun club.

But what is a regular fun club? It's people and stories. And games. And beer. But this week we're focusing on the stories in our lives, recent, distant, real or imagined. Equip your courage enhancing items, because it's going to get real. Each person will have up to 5 minutes to tell or share a story. Listening is mandatory, speaking is not. Each person will also have a slip of paper with which to asses each story, with points awarded for categories such as entertainment value, personal applicability, and more. It sounds like this could hurt people's feelings but I promise you that won't happen this time.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM Johanna plays Minecraft
  • 8:00 PM The Story Slurry begins
  • 8:30 PM It's hard to say because I don't know how many guests are coming, whether any given guest will share a story, and how much of the 5 minute allotment each storyteller will use
  • 9:30 PM Aftercare

Thursday Fun Club

Johanna's Big Break

May 30th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

When the mice are away the cats will play! As Paul departs (bindle upon shoulder) for improv camp, Johanna's star will rise as she devises and helms her first Fun Club.

What's in store for you? I have no idea, she won't tell me. I'm not sure if she knows either. Will she cook a curry? Veto Tummple? Just play Minecraft the whole time? No, no, and yes. Have fun, and do or don't do anything I would or wouldn't do.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM Johanna plays Minecraft
  • 8:00 PM Try not to imagine all the fun I'm having at improv camp
  • 8:30 PM Look at the cats
  • 9:30 PM Johanna pauses Minecraft and realizes that the room is empty and all of the guests have left

Thursday Fun Club

Jamie's Graduation Party

May 23rd, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

Modern dentistry, let me count the ways. For starters, our faces would be 25% less handsome without it. It lets us chew hard candy if we're in a hurry. Pearly whites would be called citrine yellows. Really, I think we all owe a deep debt of gratitude to the practitioners of this sacred discipline.

Jamie Schiffer is one such enamel artist, and I'm pretty sure she just graduated! Join us for an evening of celebration on the cusp of summer, while we bond together to crown Jamie a dentist. Don't let our friendships decay, or there may arise a cavity in your soul. Please remember to text me so I can let you incisor. Malocclusion.

This just in! We also have a very special ThuFuClu birthday, as the lovely Alicia P. adds another notch to her belt. Make a wish, but don't let Jamie catch you eating that sugary delicious cake!


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM A toast with still, plain water
  • 8:00 PM Jamie names all the teeth
  • 8:30 PM Roomwide humiliation as we all sing the happy birthday song
  • 9:30 PM Sugar free pudding

Thursday Fun Club

No More Mo? Oh No, Woe.

May 16th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

Sometimes the chickens come home to roost. Sometimes the roost in question is two-thousand miles from here. Join us for a bittersweet symphony as we bid farewell to Dr. Moses Wolfenstein.

None of us have known a Mosesless Madison, and you may feel a pinprick of fear. What if he was holding off an otherworldy menace at great personal cost? Who's going to be Tom Waites? Who can I smoke weed with now? Find the answers to these questions and more at this very special Fun Club. Whether you've known him your entire life or it only feels that way, we'll all be left with gaping holes once Moses leaves on that jet plane. I wish we had a big blanket that we could all hold and he'd be in the middle and then we snap it tight and launch him into the air, over and over.


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM Moasts (Moses Toasts) Made
  • 8:00 PM A round of Sushi Stay
  • 8:30 PM It's not too late to not go, Moses
  • 10:00 PM You could be a host at Applebees
  • 12:00 AM If I keep writing these you have to read them
  • 9:30 AM Whoops you missed your flight
  • 10:00 AM Better tell your new job that you changed your mind
  • 12:00 PM Auditions for Paul's New Best Friend

Thursday Fun Club

Snake Snake Snake, Snake Snake Snake, Snake Your Booty

May 9th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's - Five Nightclub

We've got another double header for you fine folks out there. One part classic Fun Club, one part strobey, fleshy fun. They tell me strobey isn't a word, but what can you do?

We'll start things off over at my place as per yushe. Maybe go up to the roof if it's nice? Then around 10 we'll head over to Five Nightclub where once again Danger Noodle et al will delight and surprise us with their craft, namely burlesque. Can life get any better?


  • 6:00 PM Guests arrive
  • 7:00 PM Roof accessed
  • 8:30 PM Early pudding
  • 10:00 PM Danger Noodle Burlesque!

Thursday Fun Club

Big Butt Small Nipple

May 2nd, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

Big Butt Small Nipple


  • 6:00 PM Big
  • 7:00 PM Butt
  • 8:30 PM Small
  • 10:00 PM Nipple

Thursday Fun Club

Winnie's Cookie Party

April 25th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

There's nothing like biting into a sugar cookie with that bright, colorful icing on top. You feel your incisors glide through the soft, sweet gel until they bump into something a little denser. The cookie itself. With a little bit of force you wrest the yummy chunk from the cookie at large. You chew, blending the pastel paste into the beige meat of the cake. Wash it down with a swig of your favorite milk and feel all your cares fade away.

Winnie lamented the fact that we missed Easter and wanted to make some cookies. Join us for that, and feel free to bring your favorite frostings or jimmies (that's sprinkles for us yanks). Just nobody bring those tiny, hard silver balls. They taste amazing but they're too hard to crunch and they will ruin the cookie.


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Oven preheated to 400 degrees
  • 7:00 PM Pins rolled, dough cut into fun shapes
  • 8:30 PM Bake for 1.5 hours
  • 10:00 PM Smear frosting on it and you're done!

Thursday Fun Club

Springtime Rooftop Toasting

April 18th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul and Jo's

Presenting TFC's annual salute to Spring! Clamber up to the roof with your favorite beverage. Raise a glass with your favorite person. Drink deeply and savor your favorite time of year in your favorite city. Favorite favorite favorite. Like, imbibe, favorite.

After we've crushed our respective drinks and drank with our respective crushes, rush back down to the safety and comfort of, well, my house. I still haven't played Sushi Go Party yet and it's tearing me apart, so I have to insist that it comes next. After that, who knows? Only Thor does. Because he's the chosen diety of Thursday Fun Club. Get it?


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Can in hand you fly up the stairs
  • 7:00 PM Toasts made, boasts fade
  • 8:30 PM Was that a gd mosquito?
  • 10:00 PM We're still playing Sushi Go Party if I have my druthers

Late Nite Thursday Fun Club Remote

Danger Noodle Edition

April 11th, 2019 - 10pm

Five Nightclub

This isn't your grandma's fun club. It's mine. I mean ours. I thought that would be clear by now? At any rate, please note that this Fun Club will not be at the usual time or location. With that business out of the way, on to pleasure!

The human form, it's the best right? Each of us is different, all are special and many are beautiful. Join us at Five Nightclub for a celebration of eyeballs, butts, and everything in between. Even that useless old tailbone! TFC's very own Danger Noodle (the lovely and talented Alexx) will be strutting their stuff. The stuff! The strutting! You just can't miss this one folks.


  • 10:00 PM Roll up
  • 10:30 PM Turn into a cartoon wolf with hearts for irises
  • 11:00 PM You see something that awakens something in someone
  • 11:30 PM Could you do burlesque? I think you could do burlesque!
  • 12:00 AM It's not Thursday anymore party's over!

Thursday Fun Club

Sushi Come

April 4th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's Place

We have obtained a copy of Sushi Go Party! Now you and up to seven of your Thursday friends can play at the same time, shuffling sashimi, moving maki, tempting fate with tempura, cheating with chopsticks (don't do that), and piling up that sweet, sweet pudding.

Have you ever had that gummy sushi? Or wait, they didn't make that, it was a gummy hamburger and fries. The fries were sour and coated in sugar. They also make a gummy pizza set. Sometimes I miss gummy things.


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Cards dealt
  • 8:00 PM A person wins
  • 8:30 PM Break into three groups for intense conversation and probing questions
  • 9:00 PM I wish we had a gummy trophy for the winner

Thursday Fun Club

Thinking About Ice Cream

March 28st, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's Place

Springtime is quickly melting by, and the mind drifts to thoughts of ice cream. What's your favorite ice cream? Spumone? Huh, cool. Did you have an ice cream shop in your neighborhood when you were little? We had Frosty Freeze in Janesville and we loved it. I would order a hot-fudge shake and I felt cool because it was unconventional, and also because of the ice cream I was eating.

I'll provide some pints of vegan ice cream, and also feel free to bring your favorite flavor if you feel like it.


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Bowls Sourced and Scoured
  • 8:00 PM Ice Cream Placed On Counter to Temper
  • 8:30 PM Charades
  • 9:00 PM Oh My God we Forgot about the Ice Cream and it all Melted

Thursday Fun Club

Leo Day

March 21st, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's Place

What comes to mind when you think of Fun Club? Truffle oil chips? Tumple? Gales of laughter? Cans of beer with colorful labels? Or is it the people? Or is it just one person? That would be weird if it were just one person. However, just one person is who we're celebrating this week, with Leona Day! Leona "Leo" Bergmann, bearer of smiles, bringer of mead, and even sweeter still. Damn that's poetic. Whether it's her fiercely competitive nature, unwavering eye contact, or her deep well of compassion and empathy, we all have something to love.

If we're all just barely worthy of Peach, then it's just a sliver of a knifes edge of worthiness that brings Leona into our lives approximately once a week. Join us as we curse god above for only making one of her.


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Optional self flagellation
  • 8:00 PM Hugging circle
  • 8:30 PM Each person shares their favorite Leona story
  • 9:00 PM Pudding

Thursday Fun Club

Peach's Healing Ceremony

March 14th, 2019 - 6pm

Paul & Jo's Place

We take care of our own, whether the creature is 1, 3, or 4 legged. Peach has a bent paw, so gather around her hospital bed and offer thrumming prayers with your fellow Thufuclubians. She'll get through this, and we'll emerge on the other side closer, kinder, stronger, and with straight paws all. Praise be to Bast and don't forget to bring your favorite catnip-infused prayer beads.

Liam also has a show at 8 over at Communication on Milwaukee St, tickets are $8 and I figure we'll play it by ear if people want to go.


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Peach is draped in a wrap of pungent herbs
  • 8:00 PM Chanting, malignant paw amputated, Liam's show begins.
  • 8:30 PM Blood staunched, bionic paw attached
  • 9:00 PM Pudding

Thursday Fun Club

Peach's First Birthday

March 7th 2019 6pm

Paul & Jo's Place

When god invented cats, he didn't know it would be 2000 years until they reached their true potential. God is now dead, but Peach lives, and will have done so for one year as of March 7th. Jo and I don't deserve to have such a wonderful animal in our lives, but we come the closest and bear our wonderful burden with humility and purpose.

What do you get the cat who has everything? Just your smiling faces and petting hands, so come on over and celebrate with us.

*Each guest must bring one set of petting hands to present before Peach.*


  • 6:00 PM Guests Arrive
  • 6:30 PM Peach Receives Petting Hands and Pets
  • 8:00 PM Catnip Cake Cutting Ceremony
  • 8:30 PM Fiery Debates
  • 9:00 PM Pudding